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Bom Dia! Level 1
Tests & Quizzes

by Marcia Matos & Sara Neto-Kalife

(PDF Format on CD) • ISBN 978-0932027-82-5 • $96.00
Oral component •  Answers • Duplication rights to educators

    The Tests & Quizzes CD covers the skills learned in the Bom Dia! textbook.  After students complete their exercises in their Workbook and the language lab audio CDs, they will be well prepared for the tests and quizzes portion of the curriculum.  The Tests & Quizzes CD includes audio tracks for oral exercises, an answer book for the tests and quizzes, and an answer book for the Bom Dia! Workbook.  Students will be able to listen to oral tracks and complete oral and written exercises.  The sound quality is superb and students will love having an audio component as part of their language-learning curriculum.

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