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75 Poems

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Behind the Picture I Hang

Poems by Ada Jill Schneider

 In Behind the Pictures I Hang, many poems encompass the theme of love. When Ada Jill Schneider “counts the ways,” she speaks of more than young love. Rather, it is the joy that comes with the birth of a child, loving through sorrow, devotion to family—an abiding love that has endured into the poet’s seventies. As for Ron, her husband of over fifty years, she shamelessly discloses that romance and passion are not only for the young.

Schneider’s work also reflects her admiration for the fervor of others, from Michael James, the renowned quilt maker, to Pam Wilkinson, her irrepressible hairdresser in Fall River, to the “Psychiatrist with Gorgeous Shoes.” Peek behind these pictures Ada Jill Schneider has so expertly hung, and discover a portrait of love, and sometimes “Fireworks,” that is very personal, and at the same time, universal.

About The Author

Ada Jill Schneider, an award winning poet, began writing at the age of fifty-three. Her lyrical poems about growing older, the rewards of long love and family relationships combine the attributes of wisdom and wit to strike a responsive universal chord. She reviews poetry books for Midstream magazine and directs “The Pleasure of Poetry,” a program she founded at the Somerset Library. She received her MFA in Writing from Vermont College. Ada and her husband Ron, backyard birders for years, live on the Taunton River in Somerset, Massachusetts. Both are infinitely grateful for a calendar filled with family holidays and celebrations.

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About The Illustrator

Lauren Dovholuk’s illustrations appear in Saudades: The Jewish-Portuguese Connections (Gratlau Press). Her scientific illustrations have been published in The North American Native Orchid Journal. She is a member of WREN (Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network). Her work is in private collections, art galleries and on permanent display in schools in New Hampshire, where she resides.