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Bom Dia! Level 2

Student Workbook

by Marcia Matos & Sara Neto-Kalife

Softcover • ISBN 978-0932027-873 • $20.00

168 pages • 8.5” x 11” • includes exercises, puzzles, etc.

Our workbook accompanies the textbook and provides students with the opportunity to be able to reinforce and extend their learning. It is filled with a multitude of activities that provide reinforcement through repetition of skills that are learned in the textbook. Students receive hands-on practice with all the vocabulary, grammar, and language skills they learn in the textbook and get to sharpen their writing skills as well.  Students can cleanly remove a page from their workbook, complete it, and hand it in to the teacher for grading. Afterwards, the page can be neatly placed in a binder. Like the textbook, the workbook is organized by units and follows each lesson in the textbook.

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