Publishing the history & culture

of Southeastern New England • Since 1981

~ New ~


John K. Bullard

John K. Bullard

Paul Cuffe
His Purpose, Partners and Properties

David C. Cole Richard Gifford
Betty F. Slade Raymond C. Shaw


An Anthology of New Poetry

Elizabeth Schultz


Kylan Rice

~ Local History / Documentary ~

A Picture History of

New Bedford

Volume Two - 1925-1980

Joseph D. Thomas

Alfred Saulniers

Natalie White

Marsha L. McCabe

Jay Avila

Branded on My Arm

and in My Soul

A Holocaust Memoir

Abraham Landau

Joseph D. Thomas

Marsha L. McCabe

Jay Avila





Daniel Georgianna


Roberta Hazen Aaronson

A Picture


History of


Joseph D. Thomas and Jay Avila

The Postcard Collaborators of Fairhaven

Spinner Volume V

People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts

A Picture


History of Marion


Pete Smith

~ Cape Cod / Nantucket ~

Marsha Hall Brown

Under Sun

Stars and Sails
A Whaling Family’s Life at Sea

The Making of


Families Lives and Fortunes

In the Nineteenth Century

Everett U. Crosby

Frances Ruley Karttunen


North Shore

A Neighborhood History


Other Islanders

People who pulled Nantucket’s oars

Frances Ruley Karttunen

Barbara Ann White

A Line

In the Sand

The Battle to Integrate

Nantucket Public Schools 1825-1847

Leonard Miele


Of the Tide

The Cape Cod Heritage of Katherine Lee Bates

~ Biography / Maritime History / Adventure ~

Robert K. Wallace


& Melville

Anchored Together in Neighborly Style


A Picture Voyage

Herman Melville

Tamia Burt
Joseph D. Thomas

Marsha L. McCabe

Drifting Toward the Southeast

John Manjiro

Kawada Shoryo

Translation by

Junya Nagakumi and Junji Kitadai

~ Cookbooks ~

Cranberry Cooking

For All Seasons

Nancy Cappelloni

Kerry Downey Romaniello

Out of the Earth

A Heritage Farm Coast Cookbook

~ Memoirs / New England Life ~

Blue Collars

Catherine McLaughlin

Brick by Brick

A Woman’s Journey

Lynn Donohue

Pamela A. Hunt

Losing Jonathan

Robert Waxler & Linda Waxler

Courage to Walk

Robert Waxler

A Call to Save

The Memoir of a Fire Chaplain

Thomas J. Harrington

The Ed Letters

Memories of a New England Boyhood

Edwin Ashley

Cliff Ashley

Diane deManbey Duebber

Naming the Stones

Clara Stites

~ Poetry ~

Ocean Voices

An Anthology of Ocean Poems

Everett Hoagland

The Man Who Lived

Among the Cannibals

Poems in the voice of Herman Melville

Laurie Robertson-Lorant

Behind the Pictures I Hang

Ada Jill Schneider


Selected Poems

James Bobrick

~ Portuguese Language Curriculum ~

Marcia Matos

Sara Neto-Kalife

Bom Dia !

Level 1

Marcia Matos

Sara Neto-Kalife

Bom Dia !

Level 2

~ Films ~

Lincoln Park

Remembered 1894-1987

John K. Robson

Urban Cottage Gardens

Of the Portuguese Community

Donna Huse & Jim Sears

~ Coming Soon ~

Black Navigator

Paul Cuffe’s Atlantic World

Lamont D. Thomas

French New Bedford

An American Story: The Early Years

Alfred H. Saulniers

Publication Date: Fall 2023

Publication Date: Summer 2023

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