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Hands Across Fall River

‍ The Community Service-Learning Grant has made it possible for students to use shared historic resources to learn the importance of places, artifacts, architecture and events. The intent of this publication is to share Fall River’s common history and develop a sense of civic pride as we forge a bond among citizens.

‍ This resource book has been created to showcase the observations of students who have, through participation in this program, come to understand that Fall River has an exceptionally rich history. It is also intended to engage other students, teachers and citizens in the study of local history. By visiting significant local historic sights and researching the history of these sites, students from the John J. Doran and William S. Greene Elementary Schools have come to appreciate the uniqueness of Fall River. A clearer sense of geographic and cultural diversity in the city has been achieved through observation, research, site visits and journal keeping. In their comments students have shown that they have a better understanding of how local history is directly and indirectly linked to the history of our nation.

‍ The project has made it possible for students to use often overlooked local history resources. Visiting sites as well as studying artifacts, architecture, and events that have shaped the city not only gives students a sense of common history but forges a bond between them and their city, thus enabling them to develop a stronger sense of civic pride.

‍ As a resource, teachers and others can look to this booklet as a compilation of student observations about Fall River. As such, it can be used as a model for exploration and extension activities for a local history curriculum.