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ISBN 978-0932027-689
224 pages • 8.5” x 11”
350+ Photographs

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A Picture Voyage

by Herman Melville
Edited by Tamia Burt, Joseph D. Thomas, Marsha McCabe

Moby-Dick: A Picture Voyage is a sweeping pictorial odyssey of the whaling culture wrapped around a very readable and meticulously edited condensation of Melville's classic. Though abridged, the book maintains the drama and continuity of the original novel and is heavily illustrated with more than 200 original photographs and more than 150 paintings, drawings, engravings and artifacts.

 Published in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Moby-Dick–often described as the greatest American novel ever written–this pictorial book pairs the original novel with historical photographs and ephemera documenting Melville’s true-life experiences. Included are photographs from Spinner’s own collection, plus images, paintings, and documents from the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the Kendall Museum and the New Bedford Public library. These include important paintings from the era, art from log books, scrimshaw, and whaler art. These works richly illustrate the original story as they recreate what Melville may have experienced during his time on the whaling ship Acushnet. The story flows and is a beautiful, enjoyable read.

 Few people ever get to finish the original book, but this version is short, very readable and visual. As a documentary of the whaling industry and the men that went whaling, this adventure will inform the reader of what whaling was all about.

"Moby-Dick: A Picture Voyage will 'open the floodgates of the wonder-world' of history, literature and art to adventurous readers of all ages. It captures the heart and soul of Melville's masterpiece and preserves the integrity and resonance of the text. Spinner Publications' fresh approach will delight Melville scholars, too, as it offers a panoramic view of the world of whaling through prints, artifacts and photographs… It brings to life New Bedford's whaling industry where men of all nations risked their lives harpooning whales from open boats on the high seas."

–Laurie Robertson-Lorant, Ph.D., author of Melville: A Biography