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Softcover (smyth sewn)
ISBN 978-0932027-719

148 pages • 7.5” x 10.5”
125 Recipes •  50+ Photographs

Cranberry Cooking

For All Seasons

Nancy Cappelloni

There is nothing more distinctively American than cranberries. One of America’s three native fruits, cranberries are not only beautiful and tasty, but they are a source of Vitamin C, free of fat and cholesterol, low in calories and sodium, and relatively high in fiber.

Cranberry Cooking For All Seasons introduces the cranberry as the star attraction in over 125 recipes, ranging from desserts, relishes, sauces, beverages, preserves and jams, to salads, breads, muffins, stuffings, poultry, game and meat dishes. Recipes range from generational family favorites to chef’s specialties, including traditional, contemporary and internationally inspired creations. Simple recipes include “Wild Rice with Dried Cranberries and Roasted Pecans,” “Cornish Game Hens with Cranberry Orange Maple Glaze” and “Cranberry Lemon Bars” to more exotic dishes such as “Sri Lankan Cranberry Chutney,” “Muscovy Duck Breasts in Sherry, Port and Cranberries,” and “Zucchini Cranberry Nut Bread.” Sweet or tart, jellied or whole, in breads or desserts, the cranberry is as versatile and tasty as it is healthy.

Besides offering delectable cranberry recipes, the cookbook includes a narrative, filled with photographs, about cranberry history, legend and folklore, as well as harvesting, production and cooking.

In Cranberry Cooking For All Seasons, Nancy Cappelloni demonstrates the versatility of the cranberry as a “must-have” season-spanning, health-conscious ingredient, easy enough to use year-round for both the home cook and the most innovative chef.

—Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association.

Cranberries Magazine writes:

Cranberry Cooking for All Seasons is a thoroughly readable account of the berry’s historical role, from its medicinal uses by the North American Woodland tribes to the Finnish and Cape Verdean immigrants who built and worked the bogs. . . . Cappelloni’s book takes cranberry cooking to the next level…

From September through December, when they are harvested and placed fresh on the market, cranberries have always been a popular ingredient in American cooking. They have long since broken out of their traditional role as a Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday condiment. Now, with Cranberry Cooking For All Seasons, they are at center stage.

Today’s home cooks, at all skill levels, will find Cranberry Cooking For All Seasons appealing for its easy-to-follow, intriguing array of recipes. If you’re a professional chef or culinary researcher; if you’re a health nut and always on the lookout for salubrious recipes; or, if you love cranberries and simply want more recipes, welcome to cranberry paradise.